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Awaken the Force: Aesthetic Consumers Are Looking for their Obi-Wan

You won’t find it on many wall calendars but for fans of a certain intergalactic movie franchise, today, 5/4/15, is a big day. It’s called Star Wars Day and it owes its existence to the wise man referenced above who almost, but not quite, said the immortal words: May the fourth be with you. Ok, […]

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Score! Manage Your Marketing like a Soccer Team

Unless you’re a fan of The Beautiful Game, you may have missed the news that the 2015 Major League Season has just gotten underway. That’s unfortunate because as anyone who has sat among thousands of screaming futbol fans can tell you, it’s a highly entertaining experience. Educational, too, especially if you’re in the business of […]

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Social, Mobile, Video: The Future of the Internet in 2:18

2015. For followers of the Chinese zodiac, it’s the Year of the Sheep (which officially begins tomorrow, Feb. 19); for the scientifically inclined, it’s the International Year of Light. For anyone hoping to reach today’s digitally driven consumer, it promises to be the year that social media, mobile technology and video take over the Internet. […]

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Valentine’s Advice: The 8 Stages of Brand Love

With the most romantic day of the year just a few days away, it’s worth asking: Are you feeling the love from aesthetic consumers? It’s not an esoteric question, suggests Tim Halloran, president of Atlanta-based Brand Illumination, because, just as with people, businesses that foster love from their customers tend to be “happier” than those […]

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Want to Rank Well in Search? Get Social

There’s an old saying in the travel business that the journey is as important as the destination. The phrase speaks not just to the idea that the best trips acknowledge both aspects but also that the path you take can play a powerful role in your impressions of the overall experience. It also speaks to the essence […]

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Missing in Action: Facebook Gets Even More Unfriendly about Branded Posts

If you write a Facebook post and nobody sees it, does it make an impression? If that sounds like an updated version of the old falling-tree-in-the-forest riddle, rest assured it’s no joke. Earlier this month, the social giant announced that it was changing its algorithm yet again in an effort to decrease the number of […]

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Infographic Friday: Get Digital-savvy or Get Left Behind

Mobile apps, wearable technology and social media: You don’t have to look very far to see how people are using digital tools — smartphones, health trackers, patient communities, etc. — to take a more proactive approach to their healthcare. It’s a trend that’s only going to accelerate as new players enter the industry, price transparency […]

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Facebook “Likes” Healthcare — Should You Be Concerned?

Would you share your personal health information on Facebook? If you’re like most doctors, the answer to that question isn’t just “no,” but “hell no.” Yet if Zuckerberg and company have their way, millions of people could be on the verge of doing just that. According to recent media reports, the world’s largest social network […]

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Infographic Friday: Good Things Happen When You Share Good Content

A Vine video of First Lady Michelle Obama touting turnips (112,000 likes). A father-daughter dance duo (7.8 million views). An 8-year-old boy channeling Patrick Swayze (12 million views). Seems like you can’t turn on the morning news shows without hearing about the latest bit of content that’s gone viral. Let’s face it, your tweets, blog […]

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3 Steps to Successful Content Curation (Content Marketing VI)

Direct mail is a fast-track to the recycle bin, the Yellow Pages work better as a doorstop and Internet users are essentially blind to banner ads. If you want to reach today’s aesthetic consumer — curious, committed, eager for information — you have to give them the information they seek before they pick up the […]

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Content Marketing IV: Sometimes Long and Deep Trumps Short and Sweet

Six-second Vine videos, 140-character tweets and listicles that substitute snark and attitude for substance and useful information. Sometimes it seems like the Internet was expressly designed to cater to — or should that be encourage? — ADHD. It certainly seems that way when you listen to marketers who say Internet users only scan online content […]

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Content Marketing II: Lighten Up, Doc — It Could Be Good for Business

Interesting story in yesterday’s Seattle Times about the online shopping site, zulily. Apparently, the website, an online daily deals site for moms, babies and kids, was having trouble engaging with users on Twitter. Using the micro-blogging tool primarily to announce sales events, management was dismayed that none of its followers ever retweeted or favorite its […]

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Don’t Let Content Shock Zap Your Practice

Every day, 92,000 articles are posted to the Web, 144,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube and 1.8 billion photos are shared. That is one whole heckuva lot of content and it’s only going to grow. According to the latest forecast from Cisco, global Internet traffic will increase three-fold over the next 5 years, […]

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The 5 Rules that Are Redefining Medical Marketing

HIPAA, EHRs, Obamacare — you don’t have to be the sharpest scalpel in the instrument tray to realize that healthcare is in the midst of radical change. But there’s an even bigger, more fundamental shift going on that promises to spell the difference between success and failure for any provider who hopes to engage with […]

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Ease the Path to Your Practice: Less Friction = More Patients

If you’ve ever booked a flight, bought a book or considered competing products online, then you know that the Internet’s ability to provide an abundance of information is both its blessing and its curse. On the one hand, we all love having options; on the other, it can often lead to a sort of “analysis […]

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Infographic Friday: Convert More Visitors with a Well-designed Website

Creating high-quality content, participating in social media, encouraging reviews — no doubt, you’ve worked hard to generate the authority, empathy and familiarity that encourages aesthetic consumers to visit your website. Unfortunately, all that hard work can be for naught if they have a poor experience once they get there. And, as this infographic from Medical […]

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The New Consumer Decision Journey (Makes a Great Roadmap for Doctors)

Do a Google image search for the term “consumer decision journey” and you’ll get a bewildering array of funnels, spirals and spaghetti-like flowcharts — all of which purport to explain the path consumers take from deciding they need something to actually buying it. But while visuals can be helpful, it’s not really the shape of […]

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Email Marketing, Part IV: 5 Steps to Success

When it comes to marketing your practice effectively, few channels offer more bang for the buck than email. As we’ve seen, though, there are also countless ways that your campaigns can blow up before they ever reach your intended target. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you know your messages aren’t going […]

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Email Marketing, Part III: Canada Cracks Down on Commercial Messaging

Picture this scenario: You send out an email to your subscribers offering a deal, announcing a new service or just sharing your thoughts on the medibeauty issues of the day. You do so because you know it’s a great way to engage with interested consumers and, hopefully, generate subsequent business. What you may not know […]

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Emailing Marketing, Part II: 4 Tips to Win the Battle of the Inbox

So, the evidence continues to pile up that email marketing is not dying, but rather, a strong and healthy channel for any business — especially healthcare providers — hoping to turn curious consumers into actual customers and clients. How strong? According to the most recent Email Marketing Census from Econsultancy: On average, companies in the […]

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