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Playing to Win, Part II: What’s Popular, What’s Not, and How to Shape Your Content Accordingly

As previously discussed, researching how other aesthetic providers approach the market can be a crucial step in developing a marketing strategy that will help you beat them. On the other hand, even the most comprehensive competitive analysis is of limited value if the insights it reveals aren’t relevant to the market you and they are […]

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2015: A Year of Firsts and a Hint of Things to Come

Forget the magazine covers and morning news shows. If you want proof of cosmetic surgery’s popularity and growing acceptance, consider the just-released annual statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). In 2015, for the first time ever, Americans spent more than $13.5 billion on aesthetic procedures in a single calendar year, a […]

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Healthcare for the Ages, Part II: Why It Still Makes Sense to Market to Baby Boomers

As noted in last week’s post, one key to long-term success for aesthetic practices is to engage Millennials, those 18–35 year olds who have not only become the largest demographic group in the U.S. but who are embracing cosmetic procedures like never before. Then again, perhaps the only thing worse than ignoring Millennials is focusing on […]

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Tattoo Trends: More Ink Could Mean More Requests for Removal

Regrets — like Frank Sinatra, it seems that people who have gotten tattoos have had a few. A poorly rendered image, a career change or the name of a former lover — if the tattoo-removal reviews on RealSelf are any indication, the reasons for “tattoo regret” are as varied as the people who pursue it. […]

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Infographic Friday: When Grandma Gets Social, It Pays to Pay Attention

If your mental image of a typical social media user is a teenager sharing cat photos and music videos with friends, we have two words for you: Grow up. Turns out more and more social media users have already done just that. These days, they have gray hair, wrinkles and the skills they need to […]

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Dads Just Say No to Ties and Socks for Father’s Day

With another Father’s Day come and gone, men from South Florida to the Pacific Northwest are looking at ties and socks they may never wear and longing for something they’ll really enjoy. According to The New York Times, that something could just be a bit of Botox or liposuction. As the paper reported last week, […]

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Worth It Ratings Add Fresh Insights to ASAPS Cosmetic Surgery Statistics

More than 10 million procedures, consumer expenditures approaching $11 billion and a whole lot of satisfied patients. Those are among the key findings to be found in a just-released report from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). In fact, according to the organization’s analysis of multi-specialty statistics for 2012, the 10.1 million procedures […]

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Infographic Friday: It’s the Economy, Doctor!

Perhaps you heard the little news item earlier this week that the Dow topped the high it set in 2007 when it closed at 14,253 on Tuesday. Needless to say, the new record was welcome news from Wall Street to Main Street. Whether you’re invested in the market or not, it should be considered good […]

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Infographic Friday: Men Represent a Small but Growing Market for Doctors

Look around your waiting room these days and you might notice something surprising: More of your patients are sporting beards, baritone voices and well-developed biceps. In other words, they’re men and as this infographic from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) shows, they represent a small but growing percentage of aesthetic consumers. Sure, […]

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“Worth It Ratings” Add Fresh Insights to ASAPS Statistics

The numbers are in: According to just-released figures from ASAPS, more than 9.1 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the U.S. last year, an increase of 1% over the year before and a 197% jump over the last 15 years. Since 1997, the interest in and demand for cosmetic plastic surgery has risen exponentially and […]

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