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Doctors and the Double-edged Sword of Online Information

Ahhh, the Internet. Has there ever been a system so effective in spreading so much misinformation to so many people so quickly? It’s one thing when it’s a claim that you can “Make $1,000 a week in your spare time!” or that this or that celebrity (Betty White, Jon Bon Jovi, take your pick) is […]

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Infographic Friday: Advertising, Inbound Marketing and Today’s Aesthetic Consumer

There are plenty of catchphrases in marketing today — “Content is king,” “Think like a publisher,” etc. — but they all stem from the same reality: Regardless of what they’re in the market for, consumers have become more or less immune to traditional advertising. They’re skeptical of what they read and hear in ads; they […]

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Trust: If You Build It, They Will Come

When it comes to choosing a doctor, aesthetic consumers cite any number of reasons why they ultimately choose the provider they do. Experience, board certification, occasionally even price or a doctor’s popularity. But it’s also true that one factor trumps all others when it comes to medical procedures, especially those that are often elective, emotion-laden […]

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7 Resolutions for Recharging Your Social Media Marketing

A new year, a fresh start and a prime opportunity to take a critical look at your social media marketing strategy and resolve to make it better. Simply put, the volume of online content is exploding, consumers are savvier than ever and doctors who want to get heard will only be able to do so […]

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Infographic Friday: Social Media Evolves but the Rules Still Apply

Wow, December 20th. Can 2014 really be less than two weeks away? Then again, given the light-speed changes that define social media — new tools, new platforms, algorithmic updates — it’s perhaps fitting that time seems to fly by faster than a 140-character tweet. However, as this infographic by Daniel Tan at Social Metrics Pro […]

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7 Statistics that Should Drive Your Digital Marketing

“Know thyself” goes the ancient aphorism but for doctors trying to market their practice to today’s digitally savvy aesthetic consumer, it might better read “Know thy patient.” And for those who still harbor doubts about the role the Internet plays in those patients’ healthcare decisions, consider the following statistics: 37% of women on a global […]

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Dr. Eric Swanson, commercialization, plastic surgery

Confronting the Commercialization of Plastic Surgery

Having opened his plastic surgery practice in Kansas City 24 years ago, Eric Swanson, MD, has received his fair share of sales calls and marketing pitches. Among them: a salary of $325,000 and a company car, a promise of $450,000 for working 2 days per week and a promise that he could double his income. […]

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Patients Prefer Doctors Who Embrace the 3 E’s of Healthcare Consumerism

Given the bugs revealed during the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, the effort will probably someday be a case study on how NOT to reinvent healthcare. Nevertheless — and whether you approve of “Obamacare” or not — it’s clear that healthcare IS in the process of being reinvented. In fact, one can argue that […]

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Best Practices: 7 Tips to Creating Your own Code of Conduct

At last month’s ASAPS conference in New York, I was encouraged to see the number of doctors who are coming to understand how valuable social media can be in promoting their practice. Slowly but surely, more and more aesthetic professionals are realizing that engaging with consumers online is the future and that they can do […]

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The 5 Cs of Social Healthcare: Enhance Your Authenticity by Encouraging Conversations (Part II of a series)

At RealSelf, we often hear from doctors who say they have a hard time convincing patients to post reviews after their procedures. Frankly, we’re not surprised; after all, having completed their aesthetic journey, what incentive is there for a patient to take the time to write a post-procedure report? Compare that to the non-stop stream […]

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The Seven Habits of Socially Savvy Doctors

In 1989, the FDA approved the use of Botox for select medical conditions; the Internet was a concept unknown outside research circles, and a first-time author named Stephen R. Covey wrote a little business/self-help book called “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Needless to say, much has changed since then. Botox is a multi-billion-dollar […]

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special deals shared values

To Connect with Social Consumers, Doctors Should Highlight Special Deals and Shared Values

Friends. When it comes to honest advice, helping you move or just having fun, you gotta have friends. When it comes your social media marketing, not so much. Truth is, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the relationship between brands and consumers in social media is defined more by conflicting visions than anything resembling shared values. […]

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fake reviews online reputation

A Doctor’s Reputation Is More Important than a Great (Fake) Review

If you’ve ever read an online review that seemed too good to be true, new research suggests you may be right. According to Gartner, 10-15% of social media reviews will likely be fake by 2014, planted and paid for by companies seeking favorable online buzz. If that’s the case, we can only hope that Gartner […]

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storytelling reputation management

Doctors Should Use Personal Stories to Complement their Professional Expertise

We were talking the other day about how doctors should approach online reviews, not as critiques, but as stories that patients tell as a way to share their aesthetic experiences. In fact, doctors should do more than just listen to those stories — they should tell their own. In an age where traditional marketing messages […]

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authenticity, competitive edge

Can Authenticity be the Key to Your Competitive Edge?

Let’s face reality.  Your target consumer is changing.  The way they are conducting their research, comparing their options and making their decisions is changing too.  Consumers no longer want to be sold to with fancy marketing ads or messages.  Instead, they want to connect to real people and real doctors who care about their journeys […]

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