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Buzz Index: Consumer Questions about SculpSure Offer Insights for Doctors

There’s nothing like having the FDA approve a new product or procedure to generate buzz among patients hoping to resolve their aesthetic concerns. In fact, such decisions often lead to a spike in the aptly named RealSelf Buzz Index, a weekly analysis that compares the number of questions, comments, and new reviews posted to the […]

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Buzz Index: Aesthetic Consumers Are Riled Up about Revisions

When 90% of aesthetic consumers say their facelift was worth it and 87% feel the same way about liposuction, it can be tempting to assume that just about everybody who undergoes the procedures loves their results. Most, in fact, do but based on RealSelf’s most recent Buzz Index — which measures the volume of the […]

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Buzz Index: People Are Talking about Ptosis Surgery

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul but they also offer a peek inside the minds of people considering cosmetic surgery. Quite a few, it seems, are thinking about their droopy eyelids and whether ptosis surgery is right for them — so many, in fact, that the procedure has placed in the […]

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Buzz Index: Interest in Sientra Implants Shows no Sign of Sagging

It’s been just over two years since the FDA approved Sientra breast implants and women still have questions, concerns and happy stories to tell about their experiences with them. In fact, the online conversations about Sientra seem to be getting louder, so much so that the procedure has been the most “buzzed about” procedure in […]

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Buzz Index: Breast Fat Transfer Has Folks Talking

There are good fats and bad fats but for many aesthetic consumers, the best fat is the kind you can remove from one problem area and inject into others that could use a little boost. And if recent discussions on RealSelf are any indication, that means breast fat transfers, which has garnered a Buzz Index score […]

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Buzz Index: Summer’s Done But Skin Is Still Top of Mind

The beaches have emptied out, the swimsuits and pool towels have been put away, and people are facing up to the fact that the summer sun has taken a toll on their skin. The damage is not only on daily display in their bathroom mirrors, it’s a topic of discussion everywhere from the pages of […]

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Buzz Index: Botox for Migraines Earns Mixed Reviews

Botox for migraines: Some patients swear by it; some would like to swear at whoever convinced them to try it. Either way, they’re definitely talking about it. The procedure, which earns a 46% Worth It Rating from the RealSelf community, topped all other procedures in the site’s weekly Buzz Index, with a score of 192. […]

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Buzz Index: When Aesthetic Consumers Talk, Smart Doctors Listen

If you follow the conversations on RealSelf, it’s obvious that aesthetic consumers are all abuzz about sclerotherapy, TCA peels and PicoSure treatments. Except, that is when they’re abuzz about cellulite treatments, Thermage and silicone injections. Or lap bands, lip augmentations and panniculectomies. So what do three sets of distinctly different procedures have in common? Over […]

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Infographic Friday: Kickstart Your Marketing with Collaborative Input

As a Web-savvy doctor, you no doubt recognize how important it is to monitor your professional reputation by listening to what’s being said about you online. Perhaps you’ve even taken the next step, creating quality content, sharing it via social media and building the sort of following that leads to brand advocacy and great word-of-mouth […]

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Buzz Index: BBL Sisterhood Is Serious about Butt Lifts

Say what you will about social media but one fact is inescapable: When it comes to cosmetic surgery, what were once considered “whisper conversations” are being talked about like never before. And while the online dialogue is ongoing on dozens, if not hundreds, of subjects, you’d be hard-pressed to find a subject that inspires more […]

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Buzz Index: A New Year, A New Body?

Maybe it’s the time of year. At a time when millions of people resolve to lose a little weight, those who have already lost a lot of it are more than happy to share their experiences. Case in point: aesthetic consumers who have had or are considering a body lift. In fact, according to the […]

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Buzz Index: Aesthetic Consumers Want More Permanent Makeup, Fewer Tattoos

In San Diego, a middle-aged woman wonders about the use of anesthesia for permanent makeup procedures, prompting responses from several doctors. In Ohio, a young woman wants to get an 11-year-old tattoo on her back removed, sharing her pre- and post-procedure concerns and advice with others seeking similar treatment. Two different patients, two different procedures […]

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Buzz Index: After Braces, Patients Love to Grin and Bare ‘Em

Maybe it’s all those politicians smiling for the cameras or the models and movie stars sporting big grins at the newsstand — whatever the reason, a lot of aesthetic consumers these days are talking about teeth. In fact, according to the latest Buzz Index from RealSelf, dental procedures accounted for five of the 15 most-talked […]

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