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Buzz Index: People Are Talking about Ptosis Surgery

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul but they also offer a peek inside the minds of people considering cosmetic surgery. Quite a few, it seems, are thinking about their droopy eyelids and whether ptosis surgery is right for them — so many, in fact, that the procedure has placed in the […]

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Facebook “Likes” Healthcare — Should You Be Concerned?

Would you share your personal health information on Facebook? If you’re like most doctors, the answer to that question isn’t just “no,” but “hell no.” Yet if Zuckerberg and company have their way, millions of people could be on the verge of doing just that. According to recent media reports, the world’s largest social network […]

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Marketing to Men: Can Superman Supercharge Your Practice?

“J Law’s” nose, Angelina’s lips and Beyonce’s butt. In our 24/7, media-saturated world, it’s no surprise that many women use celebrities’ physical features as guides for their own aesthetic goals. Now a short RealSelf documentary asks a corollary question: Are media images of ripped and chiseled action heroes driving men to pursue their own aesthetic improvements? […]

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Plastic Surgery Goes Global — and How to Keep Up

If you’ve got an international clientele, you no doubt already know what nationalities show the greatest interest in cosmetic surgery. Brazil, Mexico and South Korea have all gained global reputations for their passion for aesthetic procedures. These days, though, the newest medibeauty hot spot might just surprise you. According to a recent article on CNN.com, […]

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Patient-centered Marketing and the Rise of the Empowered… Doctor?

You hear a lot these days about the empowered patient – you know, the ones who read online reviews, rate their providers and generally take a more involved approach to their healthcare. Today’s patients are so empowered, in fact, that it can leave some doctors feeling, well, a little disempowered. Smart doctors, though, don’t eschew […]

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18 Amazing Statistics on the Future of Internet Video

The future of the Internet is video but don’t just take our word for it. Here are 18 statistics that showcase what people are watching (and sharing), how the world of online video is exploding and what it can mean for businesses that add video to their marketing mix: In January, 85% of the U.S. […]

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Buzz Index: Summer’s Done But Skin Is Still Top of Mind

The beaches have emptied out, the swimsuits and pool towels have been put away, and people are facing up to the fact that the summer sun has taken a toll on their skin. The damage is not only on daily display in their bathroom mirrors, it’s a topic of discussion everywhere from the pages of […]

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Doctors Who Ignore Online Reviews Put their Reputations on the Line

You know the phrase “your reputation precedes you?” According to a new survey from BrightLocal.com, it’s more true for doctors than almost any other type of business. Before they ever visit your website or pick up the phone, consumers are going online, reading reviews and making decisions about potential providers based on their reputations. Consider […]

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Look Who’s Talking: Google Alerts Offer Free and Easy Reputation Management

It’s often said that talk is cheap but when it comes to trash talk about your practice, it can be disastrously expensive. If you’re not monitoring what’s being said online about you, your practice and your competition, you’re missing out on the sort of market intelligence that can make or break your business. You can, […]

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Resistance is Futile (and Self-defeating): If You Want to Survive, Get Social

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you already know many of the reasons we believe aesthetic professionals need to embrace social media: Patient education. Reputation management. More effective marketing to today’s consumer. But, in light of a recent study by researchers at UCLA, there’s one that may trump all of the above: […]

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Bargain Hunters Aren’t Bad People, They Just Need to Know about Better Alternatives

Everybody loves a good deal — and that’s as true for cosmetic surgery as it is for clothes, cars and cosmetics. So says Regina Lewis of USA Today, whose article in the Money Quick Tips last week led off with the line: Demand for nips, tucks and wrinkle-free faces has consumers clamoring for bargains. The […]

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Infographic Friday: The Search for Health Info Goes SoLoMo

Not familiar with the term SoLoMo? You should be because it’s rapidly redefining how consumers get their healthcare information. Increasingly, people are turning to Social media for insights, searching for Local providers who can fill their needs and doing it all on their Mobile devices. SoLoMo. It’s the connective tissue that’s helping aesthetic consumers navigate […]

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Infographic Friday: To Market Your Practice, Go Where the Patients Are

According to legend, the late bank robber Willie Sutton once answered a reporter’s question of “Why do you rob banks?” with the now-famous rejoinder “Because that’s where the money is.” In a way, it’s the same with social media marketing (although obviously without the criminal element): Why should you be marketing your practice on social […]

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Making Time for Social Media Saves Time for More Important Things

After a full day of consults, surgeries and staff meetings, you could be forgiven for thinking that adding more to your workload by maintaining a presence in social media is a time suck you just can’t afford. Truth is, though, that approach has it exactly backwards because social media can actually save you time in […]

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Infographic Friday: To Net More Patients, It Pays to Nurture Internet Leads

The Web is a wonderful thing. It puts a wealth of information at consumers’ fingertips, introduces you to potential patients from around the world and can prompt them to contact your practice via phone or e-mail. But there’s one thing the Web can’t do and that’s convert those people — “leads” in marketing parlance — […]

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Should Cosmetic Surgeons Post their Prices Online?

As we’ve noted before, aesthetic consumers are smart, social and increasingly analytical when it comes to making decisions about procedures and providers. In fact, thanks to the abundance of information on the Internet, they’re using the same criteria — reading reviews, comparing providers — to evaluate tummy tucks that they do for tablets and TVs. […]

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Is Cosmetic Surgery Getting Commoditized?

Petroleum products. Precious metals. Plastic surgery? Technically speaking, only two of the above can be considered commodities but sometimes it can be hard to tell which two. Between industry developments, competitive pressures and changing consumer behavior, it’s not surprising that longtime aesthetic providers are feeling that a profession built on personal expertise and one-on-one relationships […]

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New Research Shows Patients Prefer Board-Certified Cosmetic Specialists

Psychologists doing Botox, oral surgeons doing breast reductions and consumers turning to social media for aesthetic advice from perfect strangers. It’s enough to make a doctor wonder why he or she bothered to get board-certified in a cosmetic medicine specialty in the first place. The answer is that patients who turn to board-certified aesthetic professionals […]

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Can Authenticity be the Key to Your Competitive Edge?

Let’s face reality.  Your target consumer is changing.  The way they are conducting their research, comparing their options and making their decisions is changing too.  Consumers no longer want to be sold to with fancy marketing ads or messages.  Instead, they want to connect to real people and real doctors who care about their journeys […]

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