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Infographic Friday: Protect Your Practice with Social Customer Service

The typical Botox treatment will last 3–6 months; Juvederm, 6 months or more depending on where it’s injected. The effects of a bad customer service experience? A lot longer than that. In fact, as this infographic from Zendesk suggests, a significant proportion (39%) of people will avoid using a company for 2 or more years […]

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Look Who’s Talking: Patient Personas Can Provide Invaluable Insights

Consumers are like snowflakes: no two are alike but there are definitely recurring patterns among them. Ascertain the type of person you’re dealing with and you stand a much better chance of transforming them from a curious prospect into a happy client. One way to do that, says Rachel Honig of Shankman|Honig, is to create […]

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Infographic Friday: Are You Scaring Off New Patients with Monstrous Lead Management?

Vampires, zombies and ghosts, oh my. Another Halloween has come and gone but the seasonal scare-fest still serves as a timely reminder that you don’t need a fright wig or face paint to scare off new customers. Poor lead management, in fact, has probably killed off so much new business it could probably spawn a […]

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Infographic Friday: A Loyal Patient Is a Doctor’s Best Friend

When it comes to creating customer loyalty, some businesses have it easy: a punch card for a free meal at the local fast-food joint, miles or points for airlines’ frequent fliers or free shipping for regular users of Amazon.com and countless other e-commerce sites. Doctors, not so much. Needless to say, offering punch cards for […]

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Keep in Touch: New Patients are Nice but Current Ones are the Key to a Better ROI

If you’re like many aesthetic professionals, you probably spend a hefty chunk of your marketing budget trying to acquire new patients. In fact, you may be spending too much. Don’t get us wrong — you definitely should be investing time, energy and money into turning high-intent consumers into new patients. However, focusing exclusively on doing […]

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5 Ways to Transform Consumer Inquiries into New Patients

So, you’ve updated the content on your blog, sent out your email newsletter and answered questions on RealSelf.com. Thanks to your hard work, an aesthetic consumer makes contact via phone or email — now what? Sadly, too many doctors think marketing ends with that initial contact when, in fact, it’s time to kick it up […]

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Social Media and the Squeaky Wheel of Customer Service

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you already know that social media plays a major role in connecting with aesthetic consumers before they choose a doctor. New research, however, is showing that it’s also becoming increasingly important after the fact in terms of providing customer service and generating loyalty. According to a new study […]

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What Happens When You Don’t Respond to Online Reviews?

While many doctors still believe that responding to online reviews is a risky endeavor, the fact is that not responding can be far more hazardous to your practice health. Consider the following a cautionary tale complete with good advice on how easily it could have turned out otherwise. As she explained in a recent blog […]

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Infographic Friday: Don’t Let Social Complainers Spoil Your Day

You can satisfy some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t satisfy all of the people all of the time. OK, so Abraham Lincoln never said that but if the 16th president had had to deal with consumers venting their dissatisfaction via social media, […]

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Infographic Friday: Get Social to Counter Patient Complaints

Are you giving lip service to customer service? These days, if you’re ignoring social media as a channel to respond to customer complaints, you probably are. Worse yet, you’re also ignoring an excellent opportunity to turn those complaints into accolades that will net you new business. The fact is that customer service should be a […]

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4 More Takeaways from Nielsen’s Latest Social Media Report

When it comes to tracking consumers’ views on media — traditional, social or otherwise — few companies have a better handle on the current state of affairs than the longtime trend-trackers at Nielsen. So when they publish a report called “State of the Media: The Social Media Report 2012,” rest assured there are plenty of […]

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As Customer Service Goes Social, Doctors and Patients Benefit

When you envision social media, what do you see? A place where people can communicate with others about their interests, activities and experiences? A venue where you can interact with potential patients, provide insights and promote your practice? An avenue for customer service where you can respond to customer inquiries and concerns? If you didn’t […]

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