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Gmail: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand… Opens?

A funny thing happened on the way to my Gmail account this morning. Clicking on the Promotions tab — part of a redesign rolled out last year — I was surprised to see, not the usual text-based list of offers and invitations, but rather, the grid-based view above. Three guesses which one caught my eye […]

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Infographic Friday: Email vs. Social Media, Revisited

When the question is “Does email or social media provide the bigger bang for the buck?” perhaps the best approach is to take a cue from that 2009 romantic comedy starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. As the film’s title aptly put it, “It’s Complicated.” Awareness vs. acquisition, conversation vs. conversions, new business vs. lifetime […]

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Email vs. Social: Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Dollars?

So many channels, so little time. Let’s face it, when it comes to promoting your practice, it can be hard to determine whether email, social media or some other platform is providing the biggest bang for your marketing bucks. The debate on which channel provides the best ROI has heated up in recent months in […]

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TMI? Even Great Content Is No Good if Nobody Sees It

So much content, so little time — and it’s safe to say it’s only going to get worse. It’s been 4 years since Eric Schmidt, then CEO and now executive chairman of Google, made his famous statement that humans create as much information every 2 days as their predecessors did from the dawn of civilization […]

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Infographic Friday: The Secret to Better Email Open Rates Is…

Not really a secret. (See what we did there?) It is simply this: At a time when most people’s inboxes are getting flooded with dozens or hundreds of emails every day, grabbing their attention with a great subject line is more important than ever. In fact, research has shown that 47% of people say they […]

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Best Practices for Email Marketing: Building a Better Subscriber List

In the ever-changing world of Internet marketing, it sometimes seems as if email is part Rodney Dangerfield and part Monty Python. You know, compared to newer, flashier platforms, it gets no respect but it’s not dead yet. In fact, managed properly, email remains one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. According to […]

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Keep in Touch: New Patients are Nice but Current Ones are the Key to a Better ROI

If you’re like many aesthetic professionals, you probably spend a hefty chunk of your marketing budget trying to acquire new patients. In fact, you may be spending too much. Don’t get us wrong — you definitely should be investing time, energy and money into turning high-intent consumers into new patients. However, focusing exclusively on doing […]

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5 Ways to Transform Consumer Inquiries into New Patients

So, you’ve updated the content on your blog, sent out your email newsletter and answered questions on RealSelf.com. Thanks to your hard work, an aesthetic consumer makes contact via phone or email — now what? Sadly, too many doctors think marketing ends with that initial contact when, in fact, it’s time to kick it up […]

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The New Gmail Inbox: Keep Calm and Email On

Have you ever seen the video that asks you to count the number of times people pass a basketball back and forth? Created to test the concept of selective attention, it’s an eye-opening demonstration of how easy it is to miss something even when it’s right in front of your face. It was also the […]

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Want new customers? Think old-school (as in email)

When you turn to the Internet to market your practice are you looking to build awareness or generate new business? The answer may matter more than you think. On the simplest level, it can help you determine where to spend your time, energy and marketing dollars. But, according to a new report, it also underscores […]

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Desperately Seeking Consumers? The Internet is the New TV

You don’t need a Ph.D. in communications to know that the media landscape is undergoing rapid and far-reaching change. Newspapers are folding, books and magazines are going digital and now, it seems, even that mainstay of the living room is losing its lock on viewers. Truth is, more people are spending more time online than […]

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Infographic Friday: Don’t Get Canned for Sending Email Spam

How many emails do you get a day? 50? 100? Whatever the actual number, chances are you get so many that you make the decision whether to read them or delete them in a fraction of a second. The problem is that our daily email overload sometimes means that legitimate messages — newsletters you’ve subscribed […]

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Infographic Friday: Make Your Emails Impossible to Ignore

When it comes to researching a procedure and choosing a doctor, aesthetic consumers can take months or even years to make a decision. When it comes to receiving emails from the providers they’re considering, they often make their decisions — open or delete — in a fraction of a second. Come out on the wrong […]

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Aesthetic Consumers Choose Doctors Who Respond to Online Inquiries

Funny thing about the Internet: despite its undeniable ability to supplant face-to-face contact, the people who use it still take their interactions on it very personally. In fact, when you think about, it may just be the medium’s depersonalized nature that makes personal interactions online so powerful. That’s certainly the case with doctors’ responses to […]

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Build Your Email Subscriber List with a Well-written Welcome Message

Imagine a new patient walking into your practice for the first time only to find themselves ignored, treated rudely or hit with the hard sell right off the bat. There’s a good chance they’ll opt to walk right back out. Turns out your email marketing campaign may be having the same effect. And while engaging […]

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5 Questions to Ask Your Email Marketing Team

When you consider that more than 144 billion emails get sent every day, it’s not hard to imagine that many people’s “reading” ritual sounds something like this: Click, delete. Click, delete. Delete, read, delete, read later, delete, delete, delete. That’s fine if the emails in question are coming from Nigerian princes and U.K. lottery officials but […]

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Email Goes Mobile: Obstacles and Opportunities for Doctors

Smartphones — they’re not just for making calls, sending texts and playing Angry Birds anymore. Turns out they’re increasingly being used to read email, a seismic shift that spells both challenges and opportunities for any doctor hoping to keep or increase subscribers to an emailed newsletter. Simply put, if your newsletter isn’t designed for mobile […]

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5 Essential Tips for Email Marketing Your Medical Practice

Email is the technology that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg declared as dead. Turns out, à la Mark Twain, reports of email’s death are greatly exaggerated. According to The Radicati Group, a technology market research company, the number of email accounts worldwide is expected to grow from 3.1 billion in 2011 to 4.1 billion by 2015. […]

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Older Patients Turning to Social Media for Research

Contrary to the common stereotype, social media is not the private domain of the young and short attention-spanned. Increasingly, web-savvy seniors are joining the conversation, a seismic shift that presents both challenges and opportunities for doctors with older patients. Researching health information is consistently one of the three top activities online regardless of age, says […]

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Expand Your Email Base Beyond Existing Patients

It’s good to share. It was true in kindergarten, it’s true in online forums and it’s true in email newsletters. If you’re among the increasing number of doctors who produce newsletters, including sharing buttons to social-media sites can significantly expand your audience. Consider recent research from GetResponse.com, which notes that 18.3% of marketers included sharing […]

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