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SEO for Doctors: Is Your Strategy DOA or Designed to Thrive?

S E O Seldom have three little letters caused so much confusion and consternation — or provided so much income to the legions of marketers who promote their prowess in dissecting its algorithmic innards and “ability” to manipulate the results. Whether such efforts are effective or not is an ongoing debate. On the one hand, […]

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7 Resolutions for Recharging Your Social Media Marketing

A new year, a fresh start and a prime opportunity to take a critical look at your social media marketing strategy and resolve to make it better. Simply put, the volume of online content is exploding, consumers are savvier than ever and doctors who want to get heard will only be able to do so […]

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Click-bait: the Ugly Truth about Online Advertising

50% of all advertising is useless. We just don’t know which 50%. Often hailed as the “Father of Advertising,” the late David Ogilvy wrote those words long before there was an Internet, social media or search engines but they’re still worth remembering when implementing a digital marketing strategy and setting an advertising budget. In fact, […]

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4 Ways Your Website Analytics Can Augment Your Marketing Efforts

Mention website analytics to many doctors and you can almost see their eyes glaze over. Visitor flows, bounce rates, multi-channel funnels — to the uninitiated, the parameters that give Google Analytics and its counterparts their punch can seem all but indecipherable. The good news is that they don’t have to be. On the one hand, […]

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Infographic Friday: Allocating Internet Resources? Appropriate Attribution Is the Answer

It’s December 2012 — do you know where your Internet prospects are (coming from)? Unfortunately, too many doctors don’t, relying instead on a superficial look at their website analytics to determine what sites directly deliver visitors to their practice website. That technique is called the “last-click method” and it’s time to recognize that its time […]

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Internet Marketing: Experts Offer Insights in Latest ASAPS Webinar

It’s almost 2013: Do you know where your Internet marketing plan is? If not, you should probably start thinking about it as next year and the years to come promise to be ones of rapid and major change. Keeping up with those changes is the key to staying ahead. That was the focus of a […]

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Smart Doctors Don’t Buy into the “Last Click Wins” Myth

To hear some news reports tell it, you could be forgiven for thinking that Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas won the team gold all by herself, Carmelita Jeter had no teammates for the 400-meter relay and soccer goalie Hope Solo lived up to her last name and won the final match singlehandedly. Needless to say, others’ […]

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New Analytic Tools Let Doctors Calculate the Value of Social Conversations

As the world grows increasingly social, it’s only natural that search engines are taking social conversations into account. Known as “social signals,” these online actions — Facebook shares, Twitter retweets and comments on blogs and forums, etc. — are playing an ever-bigger role in the relative ranking of websites in organic searches. They should also […]

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When Doctors Should Sweat the Small Stuff – Nurturing Patient Internet Leads (Part III)

As we’ve discussed, Internet patient leads are different than word-of-mouth leads and they require a certain amount of nurturing. Unfortunately, even when you manage them meticulously, some won’t convert, a reality that leads many doctors to dismiss Internet marketing as a poor use of time. It’s common for a medical practice to calculate the conversion […]

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Metrics for Doctors Investing in Social Media

The measure of success in social media marketing is a simple count of your fans, likes, and follows, right? That’s old thinking. Amy Chang, director of product management at Google, puts it: …better measurement tools will help marketers make smarter decisions about their investments in social. Vanity counters, such as friend counts and reshares, will be […]

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Is Your Medical Practice Website Mobile Friendly?

At RealSelf we’re witnessing a dramatic increase in usage of mobile devices consumers use to research plastic surgery, dermatology, cosmetic dentistry, and other medical-beauty topics. In the last quarter of 2010, 1 in 5 visits to RealSelf.com were via a mobile device such as an iphone or tablet computer. The chart here shows the meteoric […]

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