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Best Practices for Email Marketing: Building a Better Subscriber List

In the ever-changing world of Internet marketing, it sometimes seems as if email is part Rodney Dangerfield and part Monty Python. You know, compared to newer, flashier platforms, it gets no respect but it’s not dead yet. In fact, managed properly, email remains one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. According to […]

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The Increasing Importance of Online Reviews — and How to Encourage Them

If you’re still thinking having online reviews of your practice is a “nice to have,” a new study by Software Advice offers compelling evidence that they’re more like a “need to have” for anyone trying to generate new business. When the company asked patients who use online review sites to research doctors, they found that […]

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Building a Global Practice, no Plane Tickets (or Yellow Pages Ads) Required

This morning, I read an article in an Australian newspaper, watched a sunrise in Hawaii and met with business acquaintances in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York — all without stepping away from my desk. If that doesn’t speak to the far-reaching, distance-obliterating power of the Internet, I don’t know what does. And that’s as […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry about Doctor Reviews

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that we at RealSelf are firm believers in the importance of online reviews, a fact that may make the following statement more than a little surprising: Doctor reviews aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Don’t get us wrong; glowing, 5-star reviews […]

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Click-bait: the Ugly Truth about Online Advertising

50% of all advertising is useless. We just don’t know which 50%. Often hailed as the “Father of Advertising,” the late David Ogilvy wrote those words long before there was an Internet, social media or search engines but they’re still worth remembering when implementing a digital marketing strategy and setting an advertising budget. In fact, […]

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Infographic Friday: Are You Scaring Off New Patients with Monstrous Lead Management?

Vampires, zombies and ghosts, oh my. Another Halloween has come and gone but the seasonal scare-fest still serves as a timely reminder that you don’t need a fright wig or face paint to scare off new customers. Poor lead management, in fact, has probably killed off so much new business it could probably spawn a […]

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Infographic Friday: Don’t Get Run Over on the “Information Superhighway”

Remember the Information Superhighway, that continuous flow of digital data touted by Al Gore in the 1980s and ‘90s?  Compared to today’s Internet, that superhighway might as well have been a rutted, two-lane road. There was no Facebook or Twitter; email was unknown to the general public, and Google was just a gleam in the […]

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5 Ways to Transform Consumer Inquiries into New Patients

So, you’ve updated the content on your blog, sent out your email newsletter and answered questions on RealSelf.com. Thanks to your hard work, an aesthetic consumer makes contact via phone or email — now what? Sadly, too many doctors think marketing ends with that initial contact when, in fact, it’s time to kick it up […]

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Want new customers? Think old-school (as in email)

When you turn to the Internet to market your practice are you looking to build awareness or generate new business? The answer may matter more than you think. On the simplest level, it can help you determine where to spend your time, energy and marketing dollars. But, according to a new report, it also underscores […]

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Women Are from Pinterest, Men Are from Google+ — NOT

This time last year, media outlets from TIME Magazine to TechCrunch reported an interesting phenomenon: While women dominated the pages of Pinterest, men represented the majority of users of Google+. That was then and this is now and, going forward, it’s safe to say that women are thinking beyond pretty pictures of food and fashion. […]

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Facebook Faux Pas: It’s not about Acquiring New Patients

As the world’s largest social network, Facebook is all about connecting people with one another. Unfortunately, for small businesses, including cosmetic surgery practices, it’s often the setting for a major disconnect, as well. All too often, business owners view the site as a way to generate new business rather than as a means to build […]

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Infographic Friday: To Net More Patients, It Pays to Nurture Internet Leads

The Web is a wonderful thing. It puts a wealth of information at consumers’ fingertips, introduces you to potential patients from around the world and can prompt them to contact your practice via phone or e-mail. But there’s one thing the Web can’t do and that’s convert those people — “leads” in marketing parlance — […]

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4 Things Doctors Can Learn from the Hotel Industry

Every day millions of people go online, surf from website to website and ultimately book… a hotel room. What’s that got to do with cosmetic surgery? More than you might think. In recent years, the hotel industry has come to realize that the way travelers make their buying decisions has changed. Sure, reserving a hotel […]

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Internet Marketing: Experts Offer Insights in Latest ASAPS Webinar

It’s almost 2013: Do you know where your Internet marketing plan is? If not, you should probably start thinking about it as next year and the years to come promise to be ones of rapid and major change. Keeping up with those changes is the key to staying ahead. That was the focus of a […]

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User Reviews Trump Paid Ads for Patients — and Doctors

Perhaps you saw the figures released earlier this year from the number-crunchers at Nielsen. Looking at what sources of information people trusted most, the company found that less than half (47%) of the people surveyed trusted paid advertising. Depending on the outlet — TV, magazines or newspapers — that was a drop of 20–25% from […]

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The Consumer Decision Journey: 5 Contact Points for Doctors

Unless you’re a student of marketing in your spare time — Spare time? What’s that? — you’ve probably never heard of David Edelman. However, if you’re a doctor hoping to connect with today’s aesthetic consumers, you might want to listen to what he has to say. As a partner at McKinsey & Co., Edelman is […]

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4 Steps for Doctors Who Want to Turn Social Consumers into New Patients

It’s not you; it’s them. It sounds like a variation on the cheesy breakup line — “It’s not you, it’s me” — but it’s actually just the opposite. It’s a formula for building ties, not severing them, a point that perhaps becomes a little clearer when you interpret it as “It’s not (about) you; it’s […]

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When Doctors Should Sweat the Small Stuff – Nurturing Patient Internet Leads (Part III)

As we’ve discussed, Internet patient leads are different than word-of-mouth leads and they require a certain amount of nurturing. Unfortunately, even when you manage them meticulously, some won’t convert, a reality that leads many doctors to dismiss Internet marketing as a poor use of time. It’s common for a medical practice to calculate the conversion […]

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Doctors Who Snooze, Lose (Nurturing Internet Leads, Part II)

It’s one of the ironies of the socially-connected, Internet-driven times we live in: Aesthetic consumers may take months or years to decide on a procedure but when they send an email to a doctor they expect an answer damned near instantly. That double standard is arguably unfair, certainly challenging and, unfortunately, a fact of life […]

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Want new patients? Nurture those Internet Leads

Imagine this scenario: You have a well-designed practice website with appealing design, fresh content and multiple ways for visitors to contact you. When a prospective patient does just that — either by phone or email — it’s only natural to believe that you’ve just gained a new client. The reality? Internet leads are just that […]

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