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Infographic Friday: Best Practices for Social Media Measurement

Back in the day when Madison Avenue was the center of the marketing universe, legendary ad-man David Ogilvy is reported to have said, “50% of all advertising is useless. We just don’t know which 50%.” Today, there are those businesses that see social media the same way. Tweeting, posting to Facebook and participating in online […]

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Keepin’ It Real: You Can’t Build an Authentic Business on Fake Reviews

Have you heard about the Freakin’ Awesome Karaoke Express? Based in San Francisco, it’s essentially a karaoke bar on wheels, a mobile sound system that promises to make your next party a sing-along sensation. There’s just one problem: It doesn’t exist. As the project’s acronym — F.A.K.E. — should make clear, it isn’t real. Instead, it’s […]

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RealSelf Video Tip of the Month: 9 Seconds to Improved Engagement

When it comes to video marketing, there are a few levers you can pull to figure out how to better reach your audience — video length is one of them. So is short or long form better? This month’s top video shows that if you want to keep viewers’ attention, keep it short. Need proof? […]

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Email Marketing: Healthcare Scores Well… Do You?

When it comes to connecting with aesthetic consumers, email may just be the Mark Twain of digital marketing: In fact, not only are reports of email’s death greatly exaggerated but, according to a new study, it’s especially vibrant when the messages in question come from one industry above all others: Healthcare. Analyzing campaigns from nearly […]

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Infographic Friday: Whither Social Media? The Experts Speak

Wondering what the future holds for social media? Apparently, the social media monitoring team at Talkwalker has been wondering the same thing. But rather than gaze into their own crystal ball, they asked leading experts in the field for their thoughts and compiled their answers into the following infographic: While all of above offer valuable […]

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Click-bait: the Ugly Truth about Online Advertising

50% of all advertising is useless. We just don’t know which 50%. Often hailed as the “Father of Advertising,” the late David Ogilvy wrote those words long before there was an Internet, social media or search engines but they’re still worth remembering when implementing a digital marketing strategy and setting an advertising budget. In fact, […]

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The 5 Cs of Social Healthcare: Choose your Channels to Connect with Top Prospects (Part III in a series)

When it comes to social media, all platforms are not created equal. And when it comes to marketing cosmetic surgery and other aesthetic procedures via social media, choosing the wrong one can result in a lot of wasted time, misspent marketing dollars and minimal return on your investment. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest — they all boast […]

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Tweeting Doctors Should Focus on Real Patients, not Fake Followers

If you’re among the socially savvy aesthetic professionals who recognize that amassing thousands of fans or followers is of little value, congratulations on avoiding one of the most common mistakes other doctors make. If not, you might want to read this recent article in “The New York Times,” which shows how people are buying followers […]

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Doctors and Twitter: Don’t Get Fooled by Vanity Metrics

Lady Gaga has 20 million “little monsters” following her on Twitter; Justin Bieber has 18 million “Beliebers.” As a cosmetic surgery expert with a Twitter account, you should have… little or no concern with how many followers you have. Truth be told, if you’re not a global pop star — and perhaps even if you […]

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Doctors Can Stop Chasing Google Ranking

If you’ve been online for a while, you’re probably familiar with search engine ranking reports, the lists that show your practice website’s relative positions for the keywords that people use on Google or Bing. Back in the day, say, 2007, they were a standard metric for determining whether your SEO was good or ineffective. But […]

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