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The Future of Healthcare Marketing: 4 Trends to Watch this Year

Wondering what the coming year portends in terms of marketing your practice? The folks at healthcare marketing agency Franklin Street have given it some serious thought and identified four trends that will reshape how consumers find, select and interact with their providers in 2013 and beyond: Mobile Matters It’s official: There are now more smartphone […]

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Paging Dr. Google: Search Still Matters for Patients and Doctors (but Social Does, too)

You don’t have to be a software engineer to realize that millions of people turn to the Internet every day to research products, services and the businesses that provide them. That’s true for shoes, consumer electronics and, increasingly, for health information. In fact, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center, 72% of […]

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Aesthetic Consumers Are Smart, Social and Increasingly Analytical

It’s often said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing but that’s not a problem for today’s consumers. According to a new report from IBM, consumers are not only digesting a lot of knowledge; they’re also taking an increasingly analytical approach to it that helps them make more informed decisions. For doctors, the result […]

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Infographic Friday: Who Ya Gonna Trust? Peer Recommendations Rule the Influence Roost

Forget banner ads, billboards and the bevy of celebrities touting brands of every type. When it comes to influence, as in who people listen to when researching products and services, they turn to one source more than any other. Their peers. Check out the “wheel of influence” in this infographic from the influence marketing company […]

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3 Rules for Remaining Relevant with Younger Patients

If you’ve been looking around your waiting room lately and thinking your patients and prospective patients are looking younger, you’re not alone. With more people in their 20s and early 30s opting for cosmetic surgery, doctors face a demographic shift that promises to impact every aspect of their profession. It’s a shift that’s both subtle […]

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10 Tips: Marketing to Women Means Less Talking, More Listening

“Women are from Nordstrom, men are from Sears.” It’s a bit of a cliché but like most clichés, it also contains a large kernel of truth: The sexes shop differently and that’s as true online as it is in the store. For doctors engaging in online marketing, the significance of that difference can be summed […]

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engagement marketing word of mouth referrals

Create a Circle of Engagement in 3 Steps

If you’re like most doctors, you probably spend more time thinking about how to get clients in the door than you do thinking about them after they leave. If that’s the case, you may want to rethink your position as nothing carries more weight with the former than the experiences shared by the latter. That’s […]

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Smart Doctors Think Community, not Audience

If you’ve been having some difficulty building an online audience for your practice, we’d like to offer a simple, one-word suggestion. Stop. The fact is that the people you want to reach aren’t an audience at all. They’re a community and while the terms are often used interchangeably, understanding the difference is key to getting […]

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consumer decision journey

The Consumer Decision Journey: 5 Contact Points for Doctors

Unless you’re a student of marketing in your spare time — Spare time? What’s that? — you’ve probably never heard of David Edelman. However, if you’re a doctor hoping to connect with today’s aesthetic consumers, you might want to listen to what he has to say. As a partner at McKinsey & Co., Edelman is […]

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Internet marketing Millennials

Infographic Friday: Doctors Should Start Marketing to Tomorrow’s Patients Today

Unless you’re the sort who enjoys deciphering demographics, you probably missed a little but significant event that took place earlier this year. Truth is, even those involved probably preferred to downplay the news. So what was the big deal? The first Millennials are starting to hit the Big 3-0. For many, the idea of entering […]

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Infographic Friday: Why Facebook Just Doesn’t Cut It

With nearly a billion people now on Facebook, it’s not surprising that some doctors think all they have to do is create a brand page and the world will beat a path to their clinic door. Truth is, you can build it but, as this infographic from GetSatisfaction.com notes, that doesn’t mean they’ll come. That’s […]

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Social Shoppers Offer Opportunities for Doctors Who Understand Their Needs

It should come as no surprise that shopping — whether it’s for cameras, cars or cosmetic procedures — is becoming an increasingly social experience. In fact, according to a recent study by Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide, 42% of Americans — nearly 95 million people — now use social media to shop. Unfortunately, it appears that many […]

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online communities

Doctor Seeking Patients? Hint: They’re in Online Communities

If you think of your practice website as your digital storefront, have you ever wondered why more customers aren’t “knocking on your door? It may be because they’re all hanging out together at the virtual coffee shop down the street. According to a new report by PwC’s Health Research Institute, community-oriented sites show as much […]

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For Doctors, It’s not just Social Media, It’s Social Business

You don’t have to have an advanced degree in computer science to know that online communities have empowered consumers to an unprecedented degree. But did you realize they also offer similar benefits to doctors? It’s true. While some doctors still view social media warily and worry about the loss of control, others in the industry […]

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consumer social journey

Consumers’ “Social Journeys” Offer Insights for Aesthetic Professionals

The Internet has reinvented the way people shop for everything from music to Mommy Makeovers. Empowered, in large part, by social media, people no longer take a direct route from perceived need to final purchase; instead they undertake a more circuitous path, embarking on what David Edelman of McKinsey & Company calls a “consumer decision […]

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consumer decision journey

Patients Take Purchase Decision “Journeys”

They say the longest journey begins with a single step but for consumers considering cosmetic surgery, it’s the steps that follow that may matter most. And for doctors trying to market their practice in these socially-driven times, being there for the entire journey is more important than ever. These days, aesthetic consumers no longer take […]

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forums purchase intent

Forums Beat Facebook and Twitter for Aesthetics Purchase Decision Making

You may think everybody on the Internet spends all their time on Facebook but when it comes to purchasing products and services, that’s not necessarily where they’re hanging out. According to recent research by Visible Technologies, a social media monitoring company in Bellevue, Wash., people — and women in particular — demonstrating “purchasing intent” are […]

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42 Percent Turn to Social Media for Plastic Surgery Research

Social media continues to redefine how consumers find, choose and buy products and services — and plastic surgery is no exception. That’s the major takeaway from a just-released survey from AAFPRS. In 2011, says the Academy, 42% of patients received most of their information about plastic surgery from social media, an increase from 29% the […]

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Increasingly, Social Media Drives Buying Decisions — and Patients

Doctors who think social media is just a lot of idle chit-chat with no relevance to their practice may want to reconsider. The fact is consumers who go online to shop for products and services are growing more social all the time — and doctors who want to reach them should be listening to their […]

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Forward-thinking Doctors Find Value in Online Patient Communities

If you’re reading this blog, you already know that online patient communities are playing an ever-larger role in health care. But did you know that more and more of your peers are recommending their patients participate in them and are themselves contributing or considering contributing to them? Those are among the takeaways from a survey […]

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