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Keep in Touch: New Patients are Nice but Current Ones are the Key to a Better ROI

If you’re like many aesthetic professionals, you probably spend a hefty chunk of your marketing budget trying to acquire new patients. In fact, you may be spending too much. Don’t get us wrong — you definitely should be investing time, energy and money into turning high-intent consumers into new patients. However, focusing exclusively on doing […]

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Online in 60 Seconds, infographic

Infographic Friday: Don’t Get Run Over on the “Information Superhighway”

Remember the Information Superhighway, that continuous flow of digital data touted by Al Gore in the 1980s and ‘90s?  Compared to today’s Internet, that superhighway might as well have been a rutted, two-lane road. There was no Facebook or Twitter; email was unknown to the general public, and Google was just a gleam in the […]

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realself 100 social media

RealSelf 100: Socially Savvy Doctors Earn Honors for Helping Aesthetic Consumers

There’s no escaping the fact that social media has given aesthetic consumers greater control over their medibeauty decisions but that doesn’t mean doctors can’t play a major role in the process. In fact, smart doctors recognize that social media enables them to play a larger role than ever by facilitating engagement with consumers in the […]

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social healthcare commitment

The 5Cs of Social Healthcare: Keep the Commitment to Stay Top of Mind (Part V in a series)

Content, conversations, channels and code of conduct. As noted in previous posts, these four concepts form the pillars of successful social media marketing. Yet in and of themselves they won’t help you grow your practice without the fifth C of social healthcare: Commitment. Unlike buying an ad or mailing out brochures, social media is not […]

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3 Steps to Social Media Management and Measurement

At RealSelf, we often talk of taking a three-step, Crawl-Walk-Run approach to engaging with online consumers through social media. As CEO Tom  Seery explains, Most doctors are at what can be called the Crawl stage, where they see the value of protecting their online reputation but aren’t ready to promote on the web. A growing […]

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breast augmentation content marketing

Doctors Who Create Great Content Reap Multiple Benefits, Part II

As business manager for David B. Reath, MD, a plastic surgeon in Knoxville, Tennessee, Lisa Reath has heard all the reasons doctors offer for not embracing blogging, social media and the other elements of content marketing. Some say they’re too busy; others, that it’s just too confusing — arguments that she succinctly refuted with some […]

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social media business goals ROI

Doctors Should Use the Social Media Compass to Find the Route to Good ROI

“What is the ROI (Return on Investment) of social media?” It’s one of the most commonly asked questions in marketing today and one of the toughest to answer. The fact is, there is no one right answer, and even as the analytics improve, it ultimately comes down to what you hope to achieve. As Susan […]

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dermatology ASDS social

Dermatologists Seeking Web Marketing ROI: 3 Takeaways from the ASDS Annual Meeting

As cosmetic dermatology embraces new technologies like ultrasound skin tightening devices, practices are starting to deliver a greater number of services that go beyond the face. Patients are also asking their dermatologists for minimally invasive body contouring procedures, amongst other non-traditional requests. I’ve observed that this shift in the dermatology market is driving a marked increase […]

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"moment of truth" ROI social media

Doctors Who Wait for the “Moment of Truth” May Be too Late

There comes a time in every aesthetic consumer’s decision journey where they take a deep breath, determine they’re ready to proceed and decide which doctor they’re going to entrust with their care. It’s called the “moment of truth” and it’s easy to see why many doctors believe that people at that particular point represent their […]

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content marketing ROI

The ROI of Content Marketing: A Winning Strategy for Doctors

I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. It was certainly true for the man who said that — basketball great Michael Jordan — but it also offers a roadmap for doctors navigating the changing landscape of online marketing. While paid search still has its place, good content is […]

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Doctors Should Enlist “Brand Advocates” to Promote their Practice

Ad·vo·cate: to speak or write in support of; be in favor of. As an aesthetic professional, you are, of course, an advocate for cosmetic surgery but there’s no reason you have to be a voice crying in the wilderness. In fact, you may have dozens or scores of advocates without even realizing it: They’re the […]

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social engagement

Social Engagement Can Help Doctors Grow their Practice and Counter Bad Reviews

What’s the difference between companies that are socially engaged with their customers and ones that aren’t? On average, the former realize a return on investment (ROI) that’s more than four times higher than the latter. According to a recent report by the PulsePoint Group and the Economist Intelligence Unit, companies that are actively engaged with […]

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Pay per click on Google

Two Steps to Higher Pay-Per-Click ROI

Guest Post by Bill Fukui, Chief Operating Officer at Page 1 Solutions When it comes to online advertising, you may pay per click (PPC) but you earn per conversion. And since Google doesn’t negotiate the cost to be the top listing for a particular search, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the most bang for […]

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Social platforms represent the future for doctors marketing their practices on the web

Why Doctors Must Migrate to Community Distribution Platforms

I recommend doctors read over the post Why Social Is So Disruptive to Traditional Marketing by Judy Shapiro where she explains the reason marketing dollars are rapidly shifting toward social sites from content sites. Shapiro states: …newer technologies offer marketers a community distribution platform that rivals the content distribution platform across the board. Social/ mobile marketing is cheaper to create and […]

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Social media monitoring for doctors and medical practices

Metrics for Doctors Investing in Social Media

The measure of success in social media marketing is a simple count of your fans, likes, and follows, right? That’s old thinking. Amy Chang, director of product management at Google, puts it: …better measurement tools will help marketers make smarter decisions about their investments in social. Vanity counters, such as friend counts and reshares, will be […]

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