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Infographic Friday: Getting Inside the Googleplex, Part I

Well, not literally. Truth is, the folks at Google HQ are very selective about who they let visit the company campus in Mountain View, Calif. For the rest of us — and especially anyone hoping to rank well in search — the best way to “get inside” Google is to understand how the company has come […]

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Want to Rank Well in Search? Get Social

There’s an old saying in the travel business that the journey is as important as the destination. The phrase speaks not just to the idea that the best trips acknowledge both aspects but also that the path you take can play a powerful role in your impressions of the overall experience. It also speaks to the essence […]

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Triple threat: 3 Changes to Google Search That Could Spell Trouble for Your Business

Old joke: Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? Answer: On page 2 of Google’s search results. The joke, of course, is that no one ever looks past the first page of search results, an idea that’s not always true but nevertheless relevant for two crucial reasons: For one thing, the majority of […]

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Will Mobile Searchers Find You… or the Doctor Down the Street?

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, Google will process nearly 370,000 searches, almost 100,000 of which will be conducted by people on mobile devices. The actual numbers will vary by time of day, of course, but over time, that latter figure adds up to roughly 3 billion mobile searches per month. […]

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Infographic Friday: Quick Tips for Supercharging your SERP Status (Content Marketing V)

It is probably the ultimate conundrum of the Internet as we know it: With the rise of blogs, social media, smartphones and DIY video, we are in danger of drowning in digital content. Yet, at the very same time, producing content — sometimes short-form, sometimes long-form, even more video — is arguably the best way to connect […]

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Infographic Friday: Augment Your Online Presence with Google Authorship

Given the terabytes, petabytes and exabytes that cross the Internet on a monthly basis, getting your content noticed is no easy feat. And while there are countless tools and tricks that can help, two of the most important factors remain the quality of the content itself and the reputation of the person producing it. That’s […]

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Infographic Friday: SEO Isn’t Dead but It Could Still Be Killing Your Business

Another day, another article raising the question “Is SEO Dead?” In fact, there seems to be something of a cottage industry of people cranking out stories about the viability (or lack thereof) of search engine optimization. And yet even those who pronounce the strategy dead, dead, dead clearly hope their stories appear high in search […]

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Smart Marketing: Supercharge Your Search Rank by Answering Questions Online

Honolulu plastic surgeon Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS calls RealSelf “the 800-lb. gorilla of aesthetic searches” — and he means that in the nicest way. In fact, he uses site’s Ask a Doctor feature — and the SEO juice it provides — as a way to rank higher for procedures and services he knows he wouldn’t […]

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Panda Update Wreaks Havoc on Search Results — or Not

There’s nothing like the announcement of an update to Google’s search algorithm to strike fear into the hearts of webmasters and SEO consultants. So it was (again) last week when the 800-lb. gorilla of search engines rolled out Panda 4.0 as part of its ongoing effort to weed out low-quality websites. For some websites, the […]

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SEO for Doctors: Is Your Strategy DOA or Designed to Thrive?

S E O Seldom have three little letters caused so much confusion and consternation — or provided so much income to the legions of marketers who promote their prowess in dissecting its algorithmic innards and “ability” to manipulate the results. Whether such efforts are effective or not is an ongoing debate. On the one hand, […]

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To Succeed in Search, Think like a Hummingbird

A hummingbird can fly at speeds of up to 35 mph, flap its wings up to 80 times a second — and, believe it or not, help determine whether or not your practice website remains relevant and retrievable to millions of online consumers. Obviously, that last point doesn’t refer to the winged members of Trochilidae. […]

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Best Practices for Building Backlinks (Part II of II)

If you’ve been in practice for any length of time, you’ve probably been approached by any number of SEO consultants and marketing agencies that claim they can get your website to the top of Google’s search results. Ultimately, the question isn’t whether they can or not but how they go about the effort. Case in […]

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When Bad Backlinks Happen to Good Doctors (Part I of II)

It probably sounded like a good idea at the time. In pursuit of a better ranking in search results, the doctor hired a firm to place thousands of backlinks on other websites that pointed to his practice website. The plan was based on the premise that one of the major ways search engines assign value to individual […]

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Infographic Friday: Is Your Practice Website Poised to Flourish or Fade Away?

Maintaining a healthy, vibrant website is no easy feat; in fact, it’s a lot like growing a garden. It takes work, it takes commitment and, in the end, there are no shortcuts. Unfortunately, there are still so-called “experts” out there who claim to possess miracle products that can garner you amazing results for very little […]

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Infographic Friday: Save Time and Strengthen Your Presence by Curating Content

Every two days we now create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. —     Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google That, to put it mildly, is a whole heckuva lot of content — and it’s both the blessing and the curse of the Internet. On the one hand, […]

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Want to Rank Better in Search? Get Social

 SEO is dead. Long live SEO. As long as there have been search engines, there have been reports that SEO, or search engine optimization, is DOA, killed off by the rise of social media. Smart marketers, on the other hand, recognize that the relationship between search and social isn’t “either/or,” but rather, “and.” As Rand […]

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Did a Penguin Just Put the Squeeze on Your Practice Website’s Search Results?

Wondering what a small, flightless bird native to the Southern Hemisphere has to do with your practice website and its ranking in search results? If the bird in question is Penguin 2.0, the latest update to Google’s search algorithm, the answer is everything. Rolled out late last month, Penguin 2.0 promises to fine-tune Google’s already […]

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Infographic Friday: Achieve Great Internet Results with SEO, PPC and Social

To the uninitiated, the intricacies of Internet marketing can be a confusing alphabet soup of unfamiliar acronyms. SEO? PPC? Chances are you already know that they stand for search engine optimization and pay per click, respectively, but digging deeper into their meaning can leave you feeling overwhelmed and ready to give up. That’s why we […]

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Internet Marketing: Experts Offer Insights in Latest ASAPS Webinar

It’s almost 2013: Do you know where your Internet marketing plan is? If not, you should probably start thinking about it as next year and the years to come promise to be ones of rapid and major change. Keeping up with those changes is the key to staying ahead. That was the focus of a […]

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Infographic Friday: Is Your Practice Website Ready for 21st-century Search?

Search is dead. Long live search. Actually, the reality is that search is neither dead nor destined to rule the Web forever. It’s just evolving and doctors who don’t keep up with the changes run the risk of becoming invisible to millions of potential patients. As this infographic from TheSearchAgents.com vividly explains, the old rules […]

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