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Social Discovery: 5 Ways to Ensure People Find Your Practice Via Social Media

Social media — it’s not just for posting vacation photos and connecting with old friends anymore. These days, social is also an increasingly important search tool as millions of people forgo Google and Bing in favor of information that’s been shared socially by people with similar interests. It’s called “social search” or “social discovery,” and […]

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Will Changes at Twitter and Facebook Help or Hurt Your Practice?

If you send a tweet (or post a Facebook update) and no one sees it, does it make a sound? It’s not a Zen koan. It’s a recognition of the fact that the major social networks continue to roll out changes that will likely impact whether your fans and followers see your content or not. […]

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So Many Social Networks, So Little ROI — and How to Solve the Problem

Snapchat, Instagram, Ello, oh my. Seems like every time you turn around, there’s a new social networking site that promises to introduce you and your practice to legions of people who will then click over to your website, fill out a form and schedule a consult or surgery. Or so the story goes. The fact […]

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Content Marketing II: Lighten Up, Doc — It Could Be Good for Business

Interesting story in yesterday’s Seattle Times about the online shopping site, zulily. Apparently, the website, an online daily deals site for moms, babies and kids, was having trouble engaging with users on Twitter. Using the micro-blogging tool primarily to announce sales events, management was dismayed that none of its followers ever retweeted or favorite its […]

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Customer Service III: Don’t Let the Social Media “Phone” Go Unanswered

If you’re like a lot of doctors, you’ve probably found yourself wondering if maintaining a presence on the major social networks is really worth the effort. After all, recent changes at Facebook mean you’re probably reaching fewer fans and you certainly can’t describe intensive subjects like cosmetic surgery — or your practice values — in […]

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Infographic Friday: 7 Followers Every Doctor Needs to Know

Let’s face it, getting heard amid the torrent of tweets, status updates and other postings that constitute the conversation on social media is no picnic. Proliferating networks, changing algorithms and an audience that’s increasingly adept at tuning out unwanted messages means it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re delivering the type of content […]

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Live from the OR: Want to Demystify Cosmetic Surgery? Social Media Can Help

As RealSelf CEO Tom Seery likes to say, most doctors are at one of three stages in their approach to social media. There’s the Crawl stage, which entails basic reputation management, the Walk stage, where doctors freely share their expertise, and the Run stage, in which they embrace the kind of two-way conversation that leads […]

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The 5 Cs of Social Healthcare: Choose your Channels to Connect with Top Prospects (Part III in a series)

When it comes to social media, all platforms are not created equal. And when it comes to marketing cosmetic surgery and other aesthetic procedures via social media, choosing the wrong one can result in a lot of wasted time, misspent marketing dollars and minimal return on your investment. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest — they all boast […]

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Tweeting Doctors Should Focus on Real Patients, not Fake Followers

If you’re among the socially savvy aesthetic professionals who recognize that amassing thousands of fans or followers is of little value, congratulations on avoiding one of the most common mistakes other doctors make. If not, you might want to read this recent article in “The New York Times,” which shows how people are buying followers […]

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Doctors and Twitter: Don’t Get Fooled by Vanity Metrics

Lady Gaga has 20 million “little monsters” following her on Twitter; Justin Bieber has 18 million “Beliebers.” As a cosmetic surgery expert with a Twitter account, you should have… little or no concern with how many followers you have. Truth be told, if you’re not a global pop star — and perhaps even if you […]

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