Turn Facebook Likes into Visits to your Practice Website

facebook likes practice website If you asked seven social media consultants what a Facebook “like” is worth, you’d probably get seven different answers.

What most neglect to say is that, in and of itself, a “like” isn’t worth a thing. It’s what you do with it that provides the value. Your patients may like you just fine but if your Facebook presence doesn’t drive them to your practice website — or, conversely, encourage them to tell others about it — a million “likes” won’t make a whit of difference.

Instead, show the people who like you that you appreciate them by enticing them to visit your practice website. Here are five tips to turn “likes” into new leads, better brand awareness and, perhaps, new patients:

Accentuate your App-titude

Under Facebook’s new Timeline format, your old Tabs have been replaced by App boxes — they’re the boxes beneath your cover photo — which can be configured to show photos, stories, events and more. Using Facebook Insights, the site’s metrics tool, you can see which apps get good traffic, which ones don’t and rearrange them accordingly.

Deliver a Deal

According to the CMO Council, the No. 1 expectation people have when they “like” a brand is to be eligible for exclusive offers (67%). Yet only 43% of companies use social media to offer special deals or discounts. Showcasing a coupon front and center will not only prompt people to contact your office but also to share the deal with their friends.

The Value of Video

Last month, 45 million Americans watched 247 million videos on Facebook and they weren’t all watching funny cats and dancing babies. And while your promotional videos are unlikely to garner millions of views, video remains one of the most commonly shared forms of content on the web today. Leverage that interest with sharing buttons and embedded links back to your practice website.

Celebrate Services

A brand page that reads like one long sales pitch can be a turn-off but considering that 55% of consumers say they connect with brands to learn about new products, there’s nothing wrong with announcing new services and procedures. Instead of giving out full details, “tease” the information to drive visits to your practice website.

It Pays to Advertise

Actually, it costs but if you’re already running a Facebook ad campaign, consider the site’s Premium Ads and Sponsored Stories products. Essentially, they take the content from your brand page and show it to your fans, your fans’ friends and others, extending its reach and boosting its social cachet. The services aren’t cheap and they only make sense if you have lots of fans but if Zuckerberg and Co. ever decide to lower the bar, they just might be worth a “like.”

About Rob Lovitt

Rob Lovitt is a longtime writer and editor who believes every good business has a great story to tell. He has written for dozens of magazines and websites, including NBCnews.com, Expedia.com and the inflight magazines of Alaska, Horizon and Frontier airlines.